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Honouring the Past, Shaping the Future

Welcome to Amalgamation Acres and Legacy Maple

We are Brian and Annette MacKenzie and we began our farm story in 2012, when we married and formed a partnership of our existing individual operations. We farm multiple properties within three different townships. Our home base is 200 acres which includes 60 acres of maple bush. We have a history of family farming and come from many generations of farmers.


The action of combining or uniting.

We are Amalgamation Acres, not only because our partnership brought two operations and multiple acreages together, but because we have a desire to honour the past, while innovating for the future.

We strongly believe that there are many historic technologies that still hold great value. We honour our ancestors, the land, and their legacy by choosing to farm and operate our sugar shack in sustainable ways. We also believe in combining both the new and the old to create systems that are truly our own and work for us.

We believe that this philosophy translates into the products we offer. Our approach has a direct relationship to the taste of our products, whether it’s our maple syrup products or farm gate sales. We believe this approach creates a superior product for you.

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Farm Gate Sales

There’s no middle man here. Order online or through our farm gate sales and deal directly with Brian and Annette.

Fresh and Natural

Hormone free, free range and happy animals. Ethical treatment of animals, natural animal growth and extreme freshness.

Taste the Difference

We honour the historic process of traditional, small herd farming. This produces exceptional flavour - taste the difference.

Quality, Tradition, and Pride

We honour the past by continuing to use traditional farming methods combining the best of the old with the new.

Legacy Maple

Our innovative spirit can best be witnessed at our sugar shack, which is powered by a 1926 Massey Steam Traction Engine. We created a truly unique operation that is highly efficient by combining older steam technology with a modern reverse-osmosis system.

Almost all of the equipment used in our operation has personal significance. The stainless tank that holds the concentrate is the first tank Brian ever poured milk into when working for a neighbouring farmer as a child. Our existing evaporator was previously owned and used by our friends and neighbours Cecil & Marybelle Cranston, when they were producing syrup in the 1990’s. Our canner is from the Cranston family as well. The boiler we use to produce the steam that fires the evaporator and heats our water for cleaning, is part of a collection of steam era engines and items owned by our father, Bill Vincent.

We welcome visitors to the farm and sugar shack to experience Amalgamation Acres in action. We’ve put a lot of heart, hard work, and innovation into our operation and we love sharing our story with our customers. We believe our methods translate into quality, natural, and fresh products that we are extremely proud of. Ultimately, our innovative spirit creates a better experience for our customers.

Farm Gate Sales

We also offer Farm Gate Sales of humanely and responsibly raised beef, pork, chickens, and brown eggs for our valued customers. We use historic, small herd farming practices. Our animals graze naturally and are free-range supplemented with grains and minerals.  We produce hormone free products that have exceptional flavour.
We raise our animals with great care and pride.

Honouring the Past, Shaping the Future

Don’t settle for tasteless products.  At Amalgamation Acres, you get fresh, natural products direct from our farm.

Taste the difference of our quality foods, whether it’s our beef, pork, chicken, or eggs from our Farm Gate Sales or maple syrup and maple products from Legacy Maple.

Our dedication to quality, tradition, and progression results in amazing taste that we are proud to share with our customers.