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Feed Your Family with Confidence

At Amalgamation Acres, we raise beef, pork, chickens, and eggs humanely and naturally right here on our 200 acre home farm. We use historic, small herd farming to produce happy animals that roam freely and are grain and grass fed. We treat our animals extremely well and believe this quality, care, and traditional approach translates to the exceptional taste of our products.

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Farm Gate Sales

There’s no middle man here. Order online or through our farm gate sales and deal directly with Brian and Annette.

Fresh and Natural

Hormone free, free range, and happy animals. Ethical treatment of animals, natural animal growth and extreme freshness.

Taste the Difference

We honour the historic process of traditional, small herd farming. This produces exceptional flavour - taste the difference.

Quality, Tradition, and Pride

We honour the past by continuing to use traditional farming methods combining the best of the old with the new.

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Sorry, we are sold out for 2024!

Kind, Humane and Respectful Farming Practices

Get Exactly What You Want

With Amalgamation Acres, you get exactly what you want. We work with local abbatoirs and processors and connect you directly with them. You provide them with your cutting instructions to ensure you get the products that your family wants and will enjoy. This added service is included in the price of our products.

When your meats are ready, we will contact you to arrange abbatoir or farm pick up.

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Farm-direct purchasing with no middle man. Sorry, but we are currently sold out for 2024.


Happy Animals

Using our tried, true and traditional farming methods, we raise the animals right here at Amalgamation Acres.


Taste the Difference

We will connect you with our butcher for full cutting instructions and arrange abbatoir or farm pickup. Taste the difference.

Happy Customers

“Being raised on a mixed farming operation I learned what quality meat tastes like. I loved cooking at an early age and have raised my family on fresh locally grown meat. Recently I have filled our freezer with beef and chickens from Amalgamation Acres! The chickens are mouth watering, so moist and tender, and the beef I have roasted had an amazing tasting gravy and was melt in your mouth!"

"I love that I have a source for these items that I can trust so close to home!”

“I had never purchased meat directly from a farmer before. Annette made the process easy and was very helpful. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but after I got my meat home and looked at the cuts I received and did the math, I was amazed at the cost compared to buying at the grocery store. And there is no comparison to the taste and quality. If you have the freezer room, I would definitely recommend buying your meat by the quarter or the half."

"I am very pleased!"

Honouring the Past, Shaping the Future

Don’t settle for tasteless products. At Amalgamation Acres, you get fresh, natural products direct from our farm.

Taste the difference of our quality foods, whether it’s our beef, pork, chickens or eggs from our Farm Gate Sales or Maple Syrup and Maple products from Legacy Maple.

Our dedication to quality, tradition and innovation results in amazing taste that we are proud to share with our customers.