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Our efficient and innovative process creates an exceptional product. Taste the difference of pure maple syrup from our own Maple Trees.

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Sweeten your life with maple syrup. Pure, delicious, natural maple syrup is a sugar replacement that you can get behind.. Not just for pancakes!

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Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for our annual open house weekend dates to tour our Sugar Shack and learn about how maple syrup is made in our unique operation.

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Our family business combines the use of a 1926 steam engine and modern technology to produce our maple syrup. How cool is that?

Legacy Maple LOGO

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Your family deserves pure, natural maple syrup with a distinguished taste.
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Welcome to Legacy Maple at Amalgamation Acres

At Legacy Maple, we’re different. We’ve put our heads together and used pure innovation to create amazing maple syrup and maple sugar products with a distinguished taste. We’ve created a truly unique operation that combines a 1926 Sawyer Massey Steam Engine with a modern reverse osmosis system that results in a highly efficient maple syrup production.

Visit the sugar shack to experience our operation in action and learn how maple syrup is made. We offer school and corporate tours, farm visits and host seasonal events on the farm. To purchase maple syrup online, visit our shop today and taste the difference.

A Labour of Love

One winter afternoon in 2011, we decided to show our children how maple syrup was made. The kids were amused and seemed content with a few of pails of sap to boil, however, Brian was not!

The following year we had 50 pails, the next 100, and so on until we found ourselves in 2017 with 250 buckets using a Sawyer Massey steam engine to fire the newly acquired evaporator.

After some research, conversation with other producers, and much deliberation, in the summer of 2018 we decided it was time to turn the hobby into a full blown business. The plan was to continue to use steam as the heat source and to see how many taps we could get out of the home farm’s 30 acre woodlot. In December of 2018, we began construction of the sugar shack and started running the 5/16 inch lines.

What makes our operation different than others are the personal ties and stories of the rest of the equipment we use. The stainless tank that holds the concentrate is the first tank Brian ever poured milk into when working for a neighbouring farmer as a child. Our existing evaporator is 4 x 4 ft. in size, and was previously owned and used by our friends and neighbours Cecil & Marybelle Cranston, when they were producing syrup in the 1990’s. Our canner is from the Cranston family as well. The boiler we use to produce the steam that fires the evaporator and heats our water for cleaning, is part of a collection of steam era engines and items owned by our father, Bill Vincent. It is the original boiler from the last Sawyer Massey steam traction engine made in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1926.

We have a great appreciation for heritage and tradition and believe that there is still much value in older innovation.

We hope that our children will grow up with the same respect for that heritage, for our ancestors, and for the land with the bounty and blessings it brings. We also hope to be starting a legacy for them, to continue and share, and eventually pass down to their own children throughout the coming years.

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