Pork Fresh From the Farm

Pork Fresh From the Farm

So you are ready to order pork to fill your freezer. We can help!  Here are some things you might want to know.

We treat our animals as “pets with a purpose” – we believe that animals do have their place in the food chain, BUT during their lifetime they should be treated kindly, humanely, and with respect.

We raise small herds of pigs so we can care for them humanely and respectfully.

We grow our own feed grains and hay and prepare our own feed rations – In the event of a feed shortfall from our own crops, we source equivalent quality feed and supplements from like-minded local farmers and businesses.

In the event of illness, we use natural remedies first and foremost – if the natural way does not succeed, we are prepared to give a small dose of antibiotic to the animal if necessary for them to avoid suffering or unnecessary death and to regain health –these standards and practices do not differ from that of the organic farmer.

We DO NOT use growth hormones with any of our animals.

All animals have access to an indoor and an outdoor environment all year round.

Due to limited production (small herds), all meat orders must be pre-booked annually.

A deposit based on quantity ordered is due at the time of all orders.

Our meat and eggs are farm-gate sales only – farm gate means pick up at the farm or directly from the processing facility if applicable – we do not ship these products and only deliver when quality of the product will not be compromised.

About Our Pork

Our piglets are sourced annually from local, like-minded farmers and can be a variety of breeds. Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, and Hampshire are popular breeds in the area.  These breeds are known for their fast growth, adaptability, and great tasting lean meat.

Our pigs are raised outdoors during the summer months so they can root and play in the mud and keep cool, however, they do still have access to shelter 24/7 for shade and in the event of inclement weather.

We feed our pigs a grain ration in addition to some fresh veggies and clean, fresh water.

Our price per pound includes processing and we offer whole pigs and halves at this time.

Orders are taken a year in advance, and a deposit based on quantity ordered is due at the time of order.

Our pork is ready for pick-up every fall and delivery is available within our local area for a small fee, but the meat must be delivered as soon as we pick it up at the abbatoir to remain frozen – these arrangements can be made at processing time.


What happens when the pig is ready to be processed?

We ensure safe transport of the animal to the processing facility.

We provide the facility with the names and contact numbers of our customers and the quantity of meat that they have spoken for so they know who to expect a call from.

We contact our you to let you know your animal is ready for processing and to provide you with the facility name and phone number so you can call them directly to arrange your specific cutting instructions (a knowledgeable employee will walk you through this process with common cuts or availability of their services) – special cuts or services may result in additional fees.

The processor contacts us to let us know that the butchering and freezing is complete.

We will contact you to let you know your product is ready for pickup at the processing facility or what times we are able to deliver – at this time we also provide you with our invoice which shows the HW of their share of the animal and the total due less deposit. All amounts are due at this time and are payable to Amalgamation Acres.




PRICE ($/lb)

WEIGHT (est. HW)

TOTAL COST (based on est. HW)




200 lbs





100 lbs




**2021 pork is sold out!

More Interesting Facts About Pigs:

  • pigs don’t have sweat glands – this is why they love cool ground and mud
  • pork has more protein than chicken and is high in zinc, iron and B-vitamins
  • pork is the culinary name for the meat of a domestic pig. It is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, with evidence of pig husbandry dating back to 5000 BC. Pork is eaten both freshly cooked and preserved
  • pigs are pregnant for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days
  • piglets weigh about 3 pounds when they’re born and go to market at around 300 pounds
  • CanadaPork.com is an excellent source for more information about Canadian Pork

Place your 2021 Order with us now!

Annette and Brian MacKenzie
Amalgamation Acres, 85399 St. Helens Line, Lucknow, ON N0G 2H0

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