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  • MAPLE SYRUP is a sweet syrup that is derived solely from the concentration of sap from the maple tree. That’s it, there is nothing else in it. It is completely pure. The maple sap is very mildly sweet and needs to be concentrated by cooking in order to create maple syrup. Maple sap is considered maple syrup when it reaches a sugar concentration of 66% sugar or 66 brix degrees.
  • Canada Grade A Ontario Maple Syrup is available in four different colours – each with it’s own distinct maple flavour. The darker the syrup, the sweeter and stronger its taste.  Regardless of which you choose you can be sure it will be delicious!
  • GOLDEN – Delicate Taste; AMBER – Rich Taste; DARK – Robust Taste; VERY DARK – Strong Taste.
  • At Amalgamation Acres we typically carry Golden and Amber Maple Syrup.
  • MAPLE SUGAR is an excellent alternative to refined sugars – it can be used for baking and cooking and in any other way you may already use white or brown sugar– it is pure maple syrup naturally granulated by boiling our own Amber syrup which we stir constantly and consistently until granulated – no additives – 100% natural.
  • MAPLE SALT is a great way to add a sweet and salty flavour to anything!  We combine our own pure maple sugar with pure sea salt to make this great treat.