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JRW – J.R. Watkins is the company that produces household products in three categories: 1) body and personal care products; 2) health remedies; and 3) home care items. These are all high-quality, natural-based products at reasonable prices. – shop anytime for all Watkins products and ship direct to you (click on the CDN flag after entering the site)

The Story – A man named J.R. Watkins founded the company in 1868. His first product, Watkins Red Liniment (a treatment for sore muscles) is still in the product line today. On those early bottles of liniment, J.R. placed a “Trial Mark” partway down the bottle. Customers could try the product down to that mark and return it for a full refund if not completely satisfied. Thus, J.R. Watkins invented the first documented money-back guarantee. Although you’ll still find the Trial Mark on some Watkins products, it’s just for nostalgia.  These days, the 100% money-back guarantee applies for all Watkins products, regardless of how much of the product has been used.
For over one hundred years, Watkins salespeople sold products door-to-door. Part of the company’s proud heritage is the image of farmers waiting anxiously for the “Watkins Man” to make his monthly visit by horse and buggy, with “the store that comes to your door.” By the 1970s, however, door-to-door selling had become ineffective and was for the most part, replaced by other, more effective marketing methods.  In 1978, multi-millionaire Irwin Jacobs purchased the company from the descendants of J.R. Watkins. Irwin Jacobs was the son of poor immigrants, and had built his fortune through hard work, determination, and self-reliance. Irwin was attracted to Watkins because he liked how Watkins offered anyone the opportunity to do what he had done—better themselves through hard work, determination, and self-reliance.  The Jacobs family still owns Watkins. Irwin has passed away, but his son, Mark Jacobs, is the C.E.O. of the company. Just like the Watkins family before them, the Jacobs’ family is dedicated to continuing this great family-owned company for many more years, with the foundational principle of helping people improve their lives.